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Ingmar Bergman exhibition Berlin

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Ingmar Bergman. Truth and Lies is the title of an exhibition at Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum für Film und Fernsehen in Berlin

The interesting or problematic part in this, is that this exhibition is held in Berlin - not problematic per se - but no Swedish museums or institutions seem to have been interested in taking over the exhibition when it ends the 29th of May!

Surprising? No, not at all, as Ingmar Bergman - as well as many other great Swedish cultural personalities - tend to evoke more interest abroad than in Sweden. This probably because - in the case of Bergman - his films deals with emotional, intellectual issues, questions about belief and 'non-belief', life and death, what is important in life and what is not, how different psychological developments in a persons life also affect his or her life and the life of others, in short the characters in Bergmans films are preoccupied with the intellectual questions concerning from where do we stem, why and (whither) where are we heading? These kind of questions does not appeal to a society as superficial as the Swedish, unfortunately.

Those interesting in getting to know Bergman better - or at least his works - can choose between 130 stage productions, 42 radio productions, 23 television plays and 39 movies/films and if this isn't enough there are a number of documentaries on Bergman.

The exhition in Berlin started January 27 and continues til 29th of May, 2011.

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