söndag, februari 14, 2010

The Year of the Tiger

Today - the 14th of February - the Chinese New Year begin and that means that New Years Eve has been celebrated in several places all over the world.
This year it's the year of the Tiger, meaning that we have left the year of the Ox behind us.

It's the most important traditional Chines holiday, by English speaking sometimes called 'the Lunar New Year'.
This celebration is most common in countries with a Han population.
It implies both religious rituals, special clothings, a lot of food and different kinds of festivals with all kinds of mythical figures parading in the streets.
As the Chinese population in Paris is quite numerous, there has been festivities in the town, something French tv reported on.

In New York - Manhattan - and some other North American cities we have the so called China Towns, as we all know, where the Chinese population is numerous and where the celebration will be visible for all and everyone.
Manhattan has one of the largest ethnic Chinese communities outside Asia, if not the largest.
Even in Stockholm the Chinese New Year has been celebrated for some years, though in a more modest way outside the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, this year was no exception.

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