lördag, februari 27, 2010

César et un Prophète

Ce soir les films et acteurs/actrices français/françaises et étrangers/étrangères ont reçu - ou pas ? - un César pour le meilleur film ou acteur/actrice etc...

Un des gagnants : Un Prophète de Jacques Audiard.

Tonight the films and actors of France and other countries has been rewarded - or not - a César for the best film, best actor, best actress and so forth.

In the category Best Film, the César was rewarded the film by Jacques Audiard:
Un Prophète.

We saw this film in La Châtre (Cinéma Lux) and I must say that even if it was a quite 'ordinary' 'prison film', it wasn't bad at all.
The acting is very good, not least by the main character - Malik El Djebena (Tahar Rahim), the young and promising actor.
Niels Arestrup in the role as César is - as often - very good and he is not Danish at all, or almost at all!
Born in France by Danish parents yes, but when it comes to Danish, he only know one sentence after what I've heard, namely: I Love You ('Jeg elsker dig')
The different problems, possibilities and intriques is depicted in a very realistic and unglamourous way.

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