torsdag, oktober 11, 2007

Nobel prize in litterature

Today, the 11th of October, The Swedish Academy will present to the world the laureate in litterature for this year.
If one would take a guess judging from what continents the winners of the last few years have originated from, I would say that this year it's time for an African (I know that sounds very generalizing), South American or Asian author.
Will there be a person who deals with questions concerning race, nationality and religious beliefs?
Will there perhaps be a poet who is regarded being non-political?

Orhan Pamuk was regarded as a political author even though he didn't regard himself as one.
Elfriede Jelinek is also in many ways a political author and that goes for the dramatist (playwright) Harold Pinter.

Will there be a woman or a man? We will see at 1 pm.

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