tisdag, oktober 23, 2007

Google, military expenses and NASA

It now seems as if we have to rely only on Google as it has become by far the biggest Search engine in the world, worth 200 billion US dollars.

The world is suffering under starvation and other global threats but there is never money enough to help those who need help the most. 
What could 200 billion dollars do for the poor and dying in the world? It of course depends on in what way we use the money but even poorly used it would be enough to help millions of people around the world.

According to some figures 1000 billion US dollars is spent every year on the military in the world. Could these money be used in a more constructive way? 
Of course it could.

I don't know if I understood correctly the other day when I heard mentioned the amount of money spent on the space programme in the USA. I think the sum 1200 billion dollars every year was mentioned!!

How does these projects help the poor and people exposed to war and plagues?
Maybe the USA and other countries in the world are planning to send poor people to the moon?

When it comes to solving the problems with poverty, famine and diseases, the problem is not money...

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