fredag, juni 04, 2010

Pierre Etaix

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Pierre Etaix is a french actor and director born in 1928 but not so well known outside France, I think.

As a result of copyright problems (if I've understood this correctly) his films has not been screened for a long time but during this years Film Festival in Cannes, they screened his film 'Le Grand Amour'.
Now the news reaches us that one officially will release all his films and this beginning the 7th of July this year (2010).
In total it's five feature films and three short films (one never earlier released) that are under restoration.
Responsible for this work is François Ede under the 'auspice' of Pierre Etaix.

This work is in itself unique - according to the responsible - as this is the first time one restore an entire work by a director at one and the same time.
This is due to a collaboration between Pierre Etaix, Studio 37 (owner of the negatives) and the foundations Technicolor pour le Patrimoine du Cinéma and Groupama Gan pour le Cinéma.
These films will also be available on DVD, at least in France and this in connection to this release.

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