tisdag, juni 01, 2010

Dr Who and the Daleks

This is the story about the excentric scientist Dr Who (Peter Cushing), an inventor who (yes I'm sorry using that word but...) has managed creating a time machine, disguised as a police telephone booth - the so called 'Tardis'.
He invites his grand daughters - Barbara (Jennie Linden) and Susan (Roberta Tovey) - and Barbara's boyfriend Ian (Roy Castle) to travel with him in time and space, ending up on the planet 'Skalo'.
There they meet a peaceful people called the 'Thals' who are threaten by the other inhabitants of this planet, the robotic mutants called the 'Daleks'.
The 'Daleks' are planning a nuclear attack against the 'Thals' and this is something Dr Who, his grand daughters and Ian can't allow them to do, wherefore they try to stop them, risking their lives.

It's very obvious that this film (built on a TV-series) uses H.G. Wells The Time Machine as the basis for the story, it more or less copies this classic work.
There are traces of other works by Wells but for those of you who have read The Time Machine, you will see that the 'Thals' resembles the 'Eloi' and the 'Daleks' the 'Morlocks'.
Well, it's a film that in all it's amateurish acting and staging makes you laugh.
If you are looking for a film that in a more realistic and thrilling way depicts a future on another planet, I recommend you to choose another film!

Aurore wanted to look at it as she is fond of Peter Cushing.

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