lördag, november 17, 2007

Backa theatre

A new theatre is inaugurated in Gothenburg today.
It's the so called 'Backa theatre' and their ensemble who now can use a new building for their theatre performances.
They are celebrating this with three performances all of which are based on 'Crime and Punishment' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky with Raskolnikov in the center of course.

The three plays use the same scenography (stage design), the same costumes and partly the same actors but have different kinds of intonation and are directed to different ages.
Above: Mattias Andersson, artistic director

(Photo Backa Teater copied from: https://vartgoteborg.se/backa_teater_inviger_nya_lokaler_pa_lindholmen/)
(Picture book 'Crime and Punishment copied from: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-7MdUC8h8CEc/TZrNU8b_UEI/AAAAAAAABAs/pquiOxeavQk/s1600/1122.gif)
(Photo Mattias Andersson copied from: https://www.expressen.se/gt/backa-teater-invigs-pa-lindholmen/
Mattias Andersson konstnärlig ledare)

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