onsdag, november 14, 2007

Astrid Lindgren 100 years today!

Today it's one hundred years since Astrid Lindgren (click to see how this i celebrated in Sweden) was born. This is celebrated in different parts all over Sweden. Of course they also celebrate her birthday in her hometown Vimmerby (with information about the celebration in the rest of the world as well) in the southern parts of Sweden (Småland).
A garland of flowers with one hundred roses where placed on her grave in Vimmerby.

Somewhere in Sweden (I don't remember where right now) they put up a show with 'Pippi Longstocking' in Arabic. When doing so one found that the song Pippi sings is translated into Arabic but not the text in it's entirety. They then had to engage a teacher to translate the text before putting up this show. They where all convinced that this text had been translated into Arabic as it has been translated into so many other languages, but no.

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