söndag, februari 26, 2012

Erland Josephson dead...

We were reached by the message that one of Sweden's most remarkable and finest actors of all time - Erland Josephson (Erland Josephson on IMDb) - died this night, the 26th of February.

I will not - and can not - write about everything he has done. I might come back with some minor writing around his career later.

We all know that he worked a lot with Ingmar Bergman (Ingmar Bergman on IMDb) but also Theo Angelopoulos (Theo Angelopoulos on IMDb), Andrei Tarkovsky (Andrey Tarkovsky on IMDb), István Szabó (István Szabó on IMDb), Peter Greenaway (Peter Greenaway on IMDb) and Liv Ullman (Liv Ullman on IMDb) among others.

The only small anecdote I want to remind us of is the one where he and Ingmar Bergman had promised each other that if one of them became to senile, the other should kill him.
Now they both died 'naturally' (as far as we know) so they were not able to keep their promises.

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