måndag, juli 11, 2011

Another day in Paris... Passeport part two

La Grande Mosquée de Paris
As I had to travel twice to Paris in order to get my passeport, I took some photos this time too.

The first time I went to Paris I asked the personnel at the Swedish Embassy, if they could send my passport to the local 'City Hall' (La Mairie) in La Châtre, as they also issue passports but with the new 'safety passports' this was impossible. I had to return once more, et voila: Here I was.

On the same time it gave me an opportunity to meet my second 'first cousin first remowed', Elin Bjursell.
Now I'm not sure if this is the terminology in English but she and her sister Jenny - whom I met last time in Paris (29/6) - are the children of one of my cousins.
Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of her and not her sister either and this is a shame as they are both very beautiful and photogenic.

We went to the mosque - La Grande Mosquée de Paris - where we ate and drank, accompagnied by birds as the photos will reveal. Elin is working as a stylist (as you can see through the link on her name), Jenny is working as a make-up artist at Shu uemura in Paris.

Jardin des Plantes et
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

When eating at the mosque we were accompagnied by House Sparrows.
To the left one of them trying to pinch the bread.
To the right his friend (wife, husband, brother, sister?),
wh has joined him, finishing the rest of the couscous

The pidgeon was not appreciated by Elin who shooed him/her off.

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