måndag, januari 24, 2011

Guldbaggen 2011 (The Swedish Oscar)

Interview (in Swedish) with Alicia Wikander who won
the prize for best female leading role in the film
'Till det som är vackert'/'Beloved'.
Director: Lisa Langseth

(Photo taken from: http://kakan.se/b/joel.jpg)
Joel Kinnaman, best male leading role in the film 'Snabba cash'/'Easy Money'.
Director: Daniel Espinosa.

The below film won the prize as best film:
Director: Babak Najafi.
We've seen it and liked it very much. Ought to have won more prizes.

Other films competing this evening:

'Himlen är oskyldigt blå'
Director: Hannes Holm

Best documentary:
Director: Marcus Lindeen

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