måndag, december 27, 2010

Козият Рог / Koziat Rog and other Bulgarian films

I chatted with a Bulgarian translator on Facebook and we came to talk about film, as he works as a translator of films for SDI Media.

As I'm no expert on Bulgarian film, I asked him to recommend some and he - among others - mentioned this one, 'Koziat Rog' (1972), directed by Metodi Andonov:

Another important Bulgarian film from the 60's is Otklonenie (1967), directed by Gisha Ostrovski and Todor Stoyanov:

...and 'The Clown and the Kids' (1967), an American Bulgarian film by Mende Brown:

Of course there are others, maybe more important films than these but maybe I will get some feedback from some of you reading this.

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