torsdag, december 10, 2009

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies

The day of the Nobel Prize Awards is the one day of the year when we will be able to see the greatest amount of men dressed liked penguins and women in dresses in all the colours of the world (almost).

I last visited the City Hall of Stockholm in connection with a shooting of a film a couple of months ago. As extra in this film I did the role of one of many journalists. This time there will be 'real' journalists but also all the laureates, their families, our Swedish politicians, students and not least the royal family.

I have previously written about Herta Müller and from what I've heard the Nobel Prize Committee obviously found her reaction, when hearing that she had been rewarded, somewhat 'mild'.

This have to do with the fact that Sweden and not least the Nobel Committee expects every laureate to fall to the ground and praise them (and the Lord?) loudly. When this is not the case, they are disappointed.
I remember Doris Lessings reaction. She wasn't at all surprised being rewarded the Nobel Prize in literature, on the contrary she felt it strange not being rewarded earlier as she already had been rewarded other literary prizes!
I like this approach!

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