torsdag, oktober 08, 2009

Herta Müller

Herta Müller, the Nobel Prize laureate in literature 2009.

She was among the authors mentioned as one of many possible candidates.
I haven't read her but I have to do so know of course. Why of course you ask?
Well of no particular reason more than the lust for reading.

A couple of years ago - I think it was in 2001 or 2002 - a friend and I decided to read ALL the literature written by ALL the Nobel Prize laureates, from 1901 and forwards.
This is of course an impossible project but we found it rather stimulating anyway.
We started with Gao Xingjian and at the time only three of his books had been translated into Swedish; Soul Mountain, One Man's Bible and Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather : Stories. My Chinese is unfortunately restricted to 'How do you do' and 'Goodbye'!
We then continued forwardly but also read some of the older laureates.
We had - both of us - read quite a number of authors rewarded the Nobel Prize in literature but Gao was a new experience for me, as well as Kertész, Coetzee, Jelinek, Pamuk and Le Clézio.
The same goes for Herta Müller.

Now my wife and I have decided to start reading the Nobel Prize winners but this time in French. My mother-in-law is in possession of one book by each and every laureate from 1901 til 1982 (if I remember correctly). We started earlier this summer by reading Sully Prudhomme and Journal Intime.
This time my wife proposed to read the books, not chronologically but chosen by style and she suggested we read the poetical writers:
Frédéric Mistral, Giosué Carducci, Erik-Axel Karlfeldt, Gabriela Mistral, Salvatore Quasimodo, Saint-John Perse and Nelly Sachs to begin with.

We will read everyday until the 10th of December.

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