söndag, september 20, 2009

Journées européennes du patrimoine 19-20/9. Château de Bouges

What is this? European Heritage Days?!

During these two days citizens in the participating countries have the possibility to visit certain buildings like castles, parliamental buildings and other interesting historical sites otherwise not open to the public. There will also be opportunities to discover local traditions within different cultural domains.
In some countries the interest for this event is enormous and France is one of those countries.

The European Day of Patrimony started in France in 1984, initiated by the French Minister for Culture Jack Lang and 49 countries participate by displaying not least buildings but also traditions particular for a specific country, province or region.
1991, several principles were defined within the European Union and these principles were:

- the European Heritage Days should take place during a weekend in September;
- the European Heritage Days allow the general public to visit monuments and sites all over Europe usually closed to the public;
- the buildings that are open all year round can contribute to the programme, providing that they offer special activities, such as guided visits, exhibitions, concerts, lectures;
- the visits should be free of charge or offered at a reduced price;
- the European Heritage Days programme should include the organisation of specific activities that will involve the general public and, in particular, young people and school pupils; all participating countries are asked to use the official name "European Heritage Days". Those countries that set up such initiatives before 1991 under a different name are invited to mention clearly that it takes place "within the framework of the European Heritage Days";
- the logos of the European Heritage Days, the Council of Europe and the European Commission should appear on all European Heritage Days' promotional material; the European Heritage Days' flag should be flown from all buildings open to the public during the event.

We spent Saturday and Sunday in the realm of the 'patrimoine':
Saturday in the former convent Abbaye de Varennes where we talked to the proprietor of the chapel/convent and one of the proprietors of the house and garden, an american painter.

Sunday: Château de Bouges with - among other things - a magnificant garden (80 hectares).

(Picture poster copied from: http://www.exposition-paris.info/wp-content/journee-europeenne-du-patrimoine.jpg)

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