tisdag, juni 14, 2011

Perfect People, Henric Aryee

Henric Aryee is an artist who in this particular work, discusses the issue of beauty and the 'perfectionization' (my word, I think) of society and humans.
This aim for a perfect body, a perfectly beautiful person is something always having existed but since long, in the West, the perfect body/person is becoming very stereotype (or should we use 'cardboard'-like as we talk about art?), whether you go to Stockholm (where Henric lives), Paris, London, Berlin, Prague or any other city in Europe, the US and many other countries around the world.
Some indigenous civilizations has preserved other traditions, as in some African countries where a 'fat' woman or man is regarded as the ideal.
Henric is in need for money for his project and in the video he explains more around his work.

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