lördag, maj 14, 2011

Skotten i Ådalen/The Ådalen Shootings

This day, 80 years ago, the so called 'Ådalen shootings'/'Skotten i Ådalen' took place in a sawmill district with the same name in Kramfors Municipality, Ångermanland, in the northern parts of Sweden.

The background to this event was an industrial conflict concerning pay reductions at the pulp factory at another plant at Långrör.
This lead to symphaty strikes at other plants and the owner of the Graninge company in Ådalen hired 60 strike-breakers/'finks'/'scabs'.

The workers started a peaceful manifestation after having stopped all work and the 14th they started to walk towards Ådalen where the strike-breakers were lodged.

Police and military came to the site, ordered to defend the strike breakers but at first they couldn't stop the protestors and as they thought that they wore weapons - the protestors had earlier thrown stones at the police - they started to shoot, killing five persons.

The strike-breakers were, by the County Administrative Board, prohibited to work and the aftermath toke on national dimensions, dividing the political parties in those calling this "murder" (the left wing parties) and those calling it 'justifiable self-defense' (the right-wing parties) in order to defend both the strike-breakers and the police and military.

Bo Widerberg in 1969 made a film telling his version of this story: 'Ådalen 31'.

(Foto Ådalendemonstrationer kopierad från: http://svt.se/content/1/c8/02/42/45/05/aadalen370.jpg)

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