lördag, april 02, 2011

Bashar al-Assad, the next tyrant to fall?

(Photo taken from:http://www.islamicmediacity.com/cms_files

Hopefully - for those people who strive for a democracy, being tortured and ill-treated by the dictator - al-Assad will be the next tyrant to fall!

We have seen him address the Syrian people and the Parliament and in connection to this also seen a big 'horde' cheering when he appeared.
History has learned us that it's not at all hard to gather people around a dictator making them praise him (or her) in public, as the alternative often is to be tortured or/and killed.

I'll hope that the opposition will get all the help they need. The world have had enough of dictators, we need a new start and developing the democracy is not at all such a bad start!

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