lördag, mars 19, 2011

Sweden: No we don't want to participate...!

(Photo taken from: http://corruptio.blog.com/files/2010/11/carl-bildt-alcatraz-2010.jpg)
Carl Bildt, the Swedish Foreign Minister.

Once again Sweden stays outside a conflict when - as in this case - the USA, France and some other countries have decided to intervene in the conflict in Libya.

This is a very common way to act when it comes to political decisions concerning international engagement where Sweden is asked to participate, or from a purely humanitarian standpoint, should participate. It dates back to WWII as we all know.

Throughout decades Sweden has sold weapons to many countries around the world, including those who are involved in a military conflict, though the legislation concerning arms-export forbid the selling of weapon to countries involved in an armed conflict.

On the same time Sweden has always tried to stay out of immediate 'trouble' by not engaging our military in rescue operations or, as in this case, the support of democratic movements in a country.

There are Swedish military in Afghanistan but this is an exception from the rule.

We will wait and see, is the recurring 'mantra' from Swedish governments!
Waiting for what? Godot?

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