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Obama behind the changes in the Middle East?

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When the countries in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula now are shaken by protests against their corrupt, despotic dictators many commentators believe that the USA is working hard in the coulisses.

This not least as 'the Super Power' USA (today not entirely the only super power) have had - and still have - economical and military interests in many countries in this region.
This goes for Egypt and Yemen as well as many other more or less dictatorial states.
In Tunisia the situation was different as this country is of no greater interest to the USA and as Tunisian leaders haven't been to interested in collaborating with the USA.
In Yemen the USA is leading a (or 'the') war against terrorism and the support for Egypt dates back to the Yom Kippur War in 1973, when Anwar El Sadat succeeded Gamal Abdel Nasser as the president of Egypt.

When president Mubarak declared his decision to resign or his intentions to reform the country, many commentators said that the words he used was a copy of what president Barak Obama earlier had said and that this should indicate the intervention by president Obama.

The USA does have intrests in Yemen too and there we saw president Saleh declare that he intends resigning in 2013.
We have seen that the USA:s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to a great extent also have been involved in the development in Jordan.

If the democratic changes to a certain degree is due to the 'behind the scenes'-work by the USA, this could be seen as their obligation - and other democratic countries as well - as the turmoil in these countries to a great extent is caused by the policies among democratic countries in relation to the Middle East.

As we all know the policies among all democratic countries in the world, is not first of all aimed at helping poor people or people suffering under dictatorships, it's to gain geopolitical and financial control or access to other countries, their natural values, their markets.
If this is best done by transforming them into democracies, one try to promote democracy but if the status quo is the best way of gaining economical advantages, one prefer this tactic.
Pragmatism is the foremost ideology in all democracies - and non-democracies, as we know.
This goes for the USA as well as for the countries in Europe and elsewhere.

It would be interesting to see if the USA will proceed by influencing the corrupt dictatorship of Saudi-Arabia, overthrowing the dictators ruling this rich country, transforming it into a democracy.
In the case of Saudi Arabia, we know that many countries have benefited from the fact that it's a dictatorship, having prevented the surrounding world to 'disturb' the 'interior stability' (no dictatorship is stable more than superficially as a result of military- and police terror) as the country is one of the most important providers of oil and the oil is of course - in accordance with the cynical approach in politics - more important than the life and well being of the citizens of Saudi Arabia.

In what way will the USA and president Obama be able to influence the leaders in Israel and Palestine, making the relationship between those two countries more stable and non-violent?
In my opinion one have to discuss with those groups within the two countries, that are slightly less indoctrinated by a historical-religious and geopolitical luggage.
The question is if this is possible.

Many countries in the region are also very critical against the USA and this is often understandable, taking into consideration the impact the American politics have had in this part of the world.

Finally one can establish that the uprising in the region, superficially, seem to be a result of the direct reactions and actions by the 'ordinary women and men' on the street, not the result of the work carried out by diplomatics or political leaders of the world. What is hidden underneath the surface is of course harder to discern.

If president Obama and the USA wishes to continue being an influential force in this region, they have to start by killing their darlings, beginning with e.g. Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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