fredag, februari 18, 2011

Inside Job

The global financial crisis 2008 led to that millions of people lost their jobs, homes and savings and it costed society more than 20 billion dollars, almost resulting in a global financial meltdown.

'Inside Job' tells the story about how this could happen, displaying a villainous industry and its corrupted relations influencing every part of society, from politics and legislation to the academic world.

Some call this documentary 'shocking'. I don't!
This film can only be perceived as shocking if you live in a fantasy world, believing that there within the financial market with all its multinational companies, their banks, politicians etc. exists one single honest and serious person.

It's however an important documentary, displaying the very obvious fact that people within this sphere at an early stage in the process knew that the financial market was going to collapse. I knew it and I'm no economist.

Another important thing we get to see in this documentary is that you do seldom reach the top of an organization due to the fact that you're competent, on the contrary, more due to the fact that you're incompetent! Yet these people are awarded bonuses you don't deserve.

This have to do with the 'Peter Principle':
"In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence".
This is very obvious in this case!

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