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Mona Sahlin resigns

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The leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party - Mona Sahlin - announced that she is going to resign during the extra party congress, beginning 2011.

Whe she entered the Swedish Parliament in 1982, she was the youngest ever with her 25 years.

Since then she has upheld many different posts within the government, with a break in the middle of the 1990's when one found that she had used her working charge card to buy private items to the amount of 50 000 SEK (7 300 US$ or 5 350€).

On the whole I didn't find this infraction so serious that it had to lead her to resign from the post as Deputy Prime Minister, not least seen in relation to the overall corruptive world of politics, not least when it comes to using public fundings.
She always repayed the money, after having used them, and therefore she saw this more as a 'loan' than as taking money from the tax payers.

After this incident she took a 'time out' and started to work as a private entrepreneur/self employed.

Generally speaking I have never been impressed by Mona Sahlin, especially her rhetorics or lack of rhetorics.
She is said to have been groundbreaking when it comes to expressing oneself in a clear and simple way.
I would say that she expressed herself in a simple way - yes - but simplifications are not necessarily something positive per se and doesn't always contribute to make things clearer.

When she became Minister for Employment in 1990, I remember an interview with her concerning the employment situation in Sweden and other relevant questions that she had to confront as a minister. She could hardly give one correct answer to those questions.
Some might say that she was very young but she was in fact 33 years old and almost a 'veteran' seen in relation to her long political career, starting within the Social Democratic Youth Organizaton.

Who will become her successor.
Obviously the two most popular candidates - Margot Wallström and Thomas Bodström - have no interest whatsoever to become leaders of the Social Democratic Party.

There are many names circulating but personally I can't find many interesting names besides these two and maybe two or three more candidates.

As the Social Democratic Party for the first time since 1889 elected a woman to the post, one could try electing Ibrahim Baylan, the party secretary born in Turkey and having worked within the Social Democratic Movement since the late 1990's.

Of course one shouldn't elect people by sex or origin but I think that Baylan is a better alternative than many of his colleagues.
His 'problem' - if one should call it that - is perhaps that he is rather young, 38 years old.
Internationally this is seldom a problem though.

(Photo taken from: http://gfx.aftonbladet-cdn.se/multimedia/archive/00141/NYHETER-08s16-BAYLA_141471w.jpg

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