onsdag, september 08, 2010

Honour killing

This is an article by Robert Fisk, published in the Independent the 7th of September and I've referred to it earlier on Facebook and other platforms.
It's an extremely important article about the terrible crimes mostly men commit against women in highly patriarchal sociteties. One can always argue that all societies are patriarchal and this is from a sociological and historical perspective in most cases correct.
However, there are societies where the patriarchy is more developed than in others and here we often talk about less democratic societies with a highly influential religious-dogmatic base in the societal structure.
When committing these acts men often refer to religious or secular legislation but as we will see and as one know if one have studied both religious and secular legislative documents, this is just a pretext for their own sexual frustration and inferiority complex in relation to independent women.
Before you go to the link below, I quote some parts of this article:

"It's one of the last great taboos: the murder of at least 20,000 women a year in the name of 'honour'. Nor is the problem confined to the Middle East: the contagion is spreading rapidly"

"Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, 13, who in Somalia in 2008, in front of a thousand people, was dragged to a hole in the ground – all the while screaming, "I'm not going – don't kill me" – then buried up to her neck and stoned by 50 men for adultery? After 10 minutes, she was dug up, found to be still alive and put back in the hole for further stoning. Her crime? She had been raped by three men and, fatally, her family decided to report the facts to the Al-Shabab militia that runs Kismayo. Or the Al-Shabab Islamic "judge" in the same country who announced the 2009 stoning to death of a woman – the second of its kind the same year – for having an affair? Her boyfriend received a mere 100 lashes."

"Or the young woman found in a drainage ditch near Daharki in Pakistan, "honour" killed by her family as she gave birth to her second child, her nose, ears and lips chopped off before being axed to death, her first infant lying dead among her clothes, her newborn's torso still in her womb, its head already emerging from her body? She was badly decomposed; the local police were asked to bury her. Women carried the three to a grave, but a Muslim cleric refused to say prayers for her because it was "irreligious" to participate in the namaz-e-janaza prayers for "a cursed woman and her illegitimate children"

Now read the article:


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