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Radio active waste in London

A couple of months ago I read about the coming Olympic Games in London and the fact that there could be radioactive waste hidden beneath the site for the Olympic stadium.In this article one pointed out that the development of the Olympic site in east London after the Games have finished could be in jeopardy because of radioactive waste buried beneath the site.According to a Guardian investigation, any development of the site risks unearthing a hundred tonnes of radioactive waste dumped at the former landfill site decades ago.Documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) rules reveal that, contrary to government guidelines, waste from thorium and radium has been mixed with very low-level waste and buried in a so-called disposal cell under, or close, to the Olympic stadium.

After the Games, the demolition of the Olympic stadium in Stratford to make way for housing is a possibility because government and sporting authorities so far have been unable to agree on its future use. Despite a possible bidding war between AEG, which runs the O2, and Live Nation to possibly turn the stadium into a music venue, bookmaker William Hill recently made demolition of the Olympic stadium 5/1 third favourite behind its continued use for athletics or conversion into a home ground for West Ham United. "There seems to be no obvious usage for the stadium after the games," a William Hill spokesman said.

Some debaters mean that the radioactive waiste hidden in the ground is negligent and wouldn't endanger people's health at all. Others mean that this could cause a environmental catastrophy.

As often the truth might be hidden in between these two contrarious views but on the other hand, how many times haven't the so called experts said to the public that "everything is under controle" and "you don't have to worry" and how many times did this prove to be right? I leave that for you to judge for yourself.

The interesting thing is also: Did the British public know that there were radioactive waiste hidden in this area? Probably not.

Again we have to take into consideration the fact that governments and other people given responsibility for important issues in society, not always tell us the truth as there are other parameters they find more important to follow. The truth is - as we know - sometimes inconvenient!

The nuclear power is one of the worst sources of energy ever invented and the most dangerous one.

You might say that there has been no major nuclear accident since Chernobyl or Three Mile Island but what do we actually know about that, as citizens? Nothing.

Those accidents became real catastrophies and the consequences of these accidents we suffer up til this very day, not least people living around these areas.

If we have to depend on politicians and other decision makers or experts for the truth, then we know - as I wrote above - that there are other, in their views, more important aspects to take into consideration than telling the truth.

There are much more to be written about this but for the time being, I only hope that the people living in London and close to this area, will get truthful information about this site.

There are billions of pounds at stake for the British government, looking forward to what England and Great Britain will be able to gain on these games thanks to all the visitors and a renewed interest for London and Great Britain as a whole. Taking this into consideration 'peripheral questions' about people's health and the environment have to waite.

Talking about nuclear waste we also have to remember that the sixth and ninth of August, one commemorated the 65 years gone by since the atomic bombs were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

(Photo of the Olympic Stadium in London copied from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/pm/2007/11/olympic_stadium.shtml)

(Photo from Hiroshima after the bomb copied from: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic-art/41620/87911/Aftermath-of-the-atomic-bomb-strike-on-Hiroshima-Japan-August)

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