onsdag, augusti 11, 2010

The Catastrophe is here?

In one of the Swedish newspapers - Aftonbladet - one could find a headline, reading:
"The Catastrophe is already here", of course refering to the latest natural disasters around the world.
The journalists pointed out that it's seven degrees warmer in Moscow compared to 'normal' figures; they wrote about the fires all around this vast country, in some cases threatening some nuclear plants.
The article mentioned one of this nuclear plants, namely Mayak in the town Ozyorsk.
This area is already contaminated with nuclear waste since a major accident as far back as 1957 - the Kyshtym disaster! This disaster was classified as a 6 on a scale where Chernobyl was classified 7!
Now the radioactivity spreads with the smoke caused by the fire.

The same goes for Chernobyl - according to this article - where the Cesium 137 buried in the ground could be realeased.

In Finland the town of Joensuu recently noted a heat record, 37,2 degrees Celsius, triggering a giant thunderstorm cutting of the electricity for 80 000 finnish electricity subscribers.

On the American east coast the temperature has for long circled around 40 degrees Celsius and in Peru the temperature has descended towards minus 23 degrees Celsius (minus 28 a week ago or more).

Then the newspaper goes on pointing out the enormous problems in Asia: Pakistan, China and so forth.

This last remark makes them conclude that it's a bit ironic that the countries most stricken by these environmental problems are those economies who has'nt been willing to in some ways moderate their economic growth.
On the same time the newspaper establish that it's the polution from the Western countries that - seen in a historic perspective - now is causing the problems we see in Russia and the Asian countries.

Someone might say that this is only Domesday talk and nothing to care about and that we have to wait and see what will happen.

Unfortunately I can't find any proofs at all for a reasoning like that.
Even if each and every catastrophy is not a direct result of the way we live, we all understand - when penetrating this issue - that the way we live in the economically more developed countries does not favor a better environment and a better health for us or for any other living creature.

So what are those afraid of that constantly argues against a development towards a improved environment, meaning leaving the mineral fuels and the most dangerous energy source of them all - nuclear power - behind us? What do they fear that they will lose?
Money and comfort of course!

Some people might argue that there are money behind the environmental movements and the different UN rapports being presented and of course that is right but I would like to say that if some people should become rich by solving the environmental problems, instead of creating them as previous scientists, I wouldn't stand in their way!

(Photo Mayak nuclear plant copied from: http://web.educastur.princast.es/proyectos/grupotecne/archivos/investiga/119071011mayak.jpg)
(Photo Chernobyl copied from: http://www.stsci.edu/~inr/observ/dpics/chernobyl.jpg)

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