tisdag, juli 06, 2010

Gudrun Schyman sets fire to 10 400 €

The leader of the feminist party, 'Feministiskt initiativ' in Sweden - Gudrun Schyman (former left wing party leader) - was setting fire to 10 400 € today, this in order to protest against the differences in wages between women and men.

It's both surprising and not surprising that a woman who all her life has spoken and written about injustice in Sweden and the rest of the world, about poverty and the immoral rich West and its exploitation of the developing countries, undertakes an action like this.
The strange thing about it is that she openly shows the world what a hypocrite she obviously is.

Of course one can always say that she is honest, making it clear to the Swedish voters and others that the statements she earlier has made, the principals she held high only was cabotinage.

On the other hand - from a purely publicity point of view - one most ask oneself why she wants to commit suicide and hereby also condemning the feminist party to a similar faith.
She can't hardly imagine that people being somewhat sound intellectually, could possibly support her cause and the cause of the feminist party, after this puerile act.
Unfortunately there are those who look away and continues to support a politician even if she behaves in this very cynical way.
Millions and millions of people all over the world are starving but for her - never having experienced poverty - it's totally comme il faut to burn money that could have been used to help underpriviliged people in Sweden or elsewhere.

We all know that politicians are using the public fundings in a most corrupt way (recent exemples in France with different ministers confirm this) but to scorn poor people like this is extremely cruel and lead to questions about the sanity of those people acting like this.

It's a pity though as Gudrun Schyman - when leading the left wing party - was one of the politicians I appreciated most even though I didn't vote for the left wing party or her in the National Elections.
I think she should address the public and apologize for her fascistic behaviour.

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