fredag, juli 23, 2010

EU research: 14 million € for two apples!

EU have spent almost 14 million € in order to establish the fact that apples are good for our health!
We all knew this earlier and I think that the saying: "One apple a day keeps the doctor away" is well known to all of us?!

The scientists have spent eight years of research and this great amount of money to establish this and other well known facts.
This is a good example on how our common money is used - or should I say misused - within the European Union.
It's not surprising that many inhabitants in Europe doubt the current construction and its costly 'habits'.
Some would say that this is an isolated case but of course not.
As citizens of Euorpe we pay for everything within EU and therefore we should also have a bigger influence over the decisions taken in EU and this concerns both science and other projects.
This is nothing we can leave to our elected representatives but in order to be able to have more influence over decisions, we need more of transparency and more direct democracy and this is, under current circumstances, more or less impossible.

Talking about the use of resources one can mention the administration, the buildings, the salaries to all the politicians, their special advisers and so forth, costing us billions of € not always used in the best way, as we know.
Concerning this above mentioned research, it obviously came about more in order to promote the agricultural products of the European farmers than to give the citizens of Europe relevant information on important subjects.

This kind of waste of resources has to come to an end!

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