tisdag, juni 22, 2010

Oil companies bribe the justice - again?

This text below is taken from BBC and once again we see how the great multinational companies, using their lobbyists, convince more or less corrupt law makers/judges to follow their wishes.
It's a shame:

"A US federal court judge has blocked President Barack Obama's six-month moratorium on deep water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
The moratorium was put in place in the wake of the massive oil spill triggered by an explosion at a rig in April.
The judge said the lengthy ban was 'invalid' and could not be justified, as the negative impact on local businesses was simply too great.
The White House said it would be appealing against the decision.
'An invalid agency decision to suspend drilling of wells in the depths over 500ft simply cannot justify the immeasurable effect on the plaintiffs, the local economy, the Gulf region and the critical present-day aspect of the availability of domestic energy in this country,' judge Martin Feldman said."

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Anonym sa...

With regard to a conflict of interest, you are all wrong. The judge’s wealth is based upon oil stocks; he was appointed by a party that represents oil corporations – no conflict.