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North Korea and its crazy leader(s)

"With his bouffant hair, platform shoes and strange penchant for zip-up, khaki catsuits, it would be easy to dismiss North Korea’s dictator as a faintly ludicrous pantomime villain.".

This sentence is taken from an article (in an English speaking newspaper or internet paper but unfortunately I don't remember what paper) about the mad dictator Kim Jong-il and his strange and dangerous country, strange and dangerous because of him and previously because of his equally crazy father, Kim Il-sung.

We all know about the recent events when Kim's armed forces torpedoed a South Korean naval vessel, killing 46 men in the crew and then threatened to start a war if South Korea would object or use sanctions against the northern part of this peninsula.
According to information in newspapers, North Korea has the fourth biggest army in the world!
We are not talking about a minor force in the world - unfortunately.
As with China under Mao Zedong, the creation of this army has been possible through taking food out of the mouth of already poor people, leaving them to die in order to reach the goal of becoming a major military force in the world.

Other information state that a million troops are stationed along the border to South Korea and this man is surely one of those (few?) people in the world who wouldn't hesitate using his forces - and nuclear weapons - if feeling threatened, no matter if this threat is real or not, or if it's military or not.
Last year North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb and this of course in order to show the military strength of the countrie.
It's hardly likely that Kim would be interested in negotiating with other countries concerning a disarmement treaty.

Unfortunately other nuclear powers in the world, haven't made much of a progress either and this leads to difficulties when telling other countries - like North Korea or Iran - to shut their nuclear producing plants down. In the case of Iran, I think it would be possible but when it comes to 'Mad Kim', it's not at all negotiable.

One of the major problems is of course that Kim and his father Kim Il-sung, have created a almost fictional state very much resembling the '1984' society in Orwell's novel, or almost surpassing that fictional state!
People are under surveillance 24 hours per day and the smallest indication on any critic against the "great leader" or miscontent, could of course be punished with death, including torture and maybe different kinds of labour camps/concentration camps (se below).
The only television stations are the gonvernmental ones, telling the starving, tortured, suffering inhabitants what a great leader Kim Jong-il is and how wounderful this 'the creation' of his father, Kim Il-Sung, the nation builder, is.
Mobile phones are obviously only 'gadgets' for a small elite and the internet doesn't exist, more than for Kim - and perhaps his closest collaborators.
Free press is a word that doesn't even exist in the North Korean word list, all public phones are monitored and noone is allowed to leave the country - ever!
What most North Korean people know about the world around them is what their 'great', mad leader and his corrupt and cruel gang of collaborators (and military of course) let them know and this is not much.

Not many North Koreans know about the incident with South Korea.
Topics portraying Kim in a negative way, doesn't even exist in their imagination.
There are - according to several sources - 'Gulags' (labour camps) around the country and to end up in one of those is from what I've read and heard, very easy.
It suffice forgetting to wear a badge with the face of Kim, to be imprisoned for life.
How the prisoners are treated in these prisons is something we don't even want to think about but I imagine that using a parable with the nazis during the war might give an idea: Torture, sexual abuse, experiments, hard physical labour till death free you from it etc etc!
This is of course nothing I know personally - luckily enough - but I have no reason to doubt the information coming from people inside the country and human rights organisations, reporting from this country run by a deeply evil person, in much having taken his inspiration not only from his father but from Mao Zedong, one of the worst massmurders of all times.
Concerning the above I read the following in the same article:
"According to human rights organisations torture is common, they use specially trained dogs that they set on prisoners to maul them to death. Others are beaten and shot through the head.
There have been horrifying accounts of foetuses cut from the wombs of female prisoners.".

Kim himself live under the outermost luxuary circumstances, guarded by the equally crazy military personnel, being surrounded by women who are forced to please him and his band of madmen - and women.
The human rights organisations state that Kim has jailed hundred of thousands of his subjects and when doing so he uses a 'legal stystem' that punishes three generations of a family, only if one has spoken ill of him!!
He holds 200 000 political prisoners and thousands of people outside prison - but inside the 'national prison' constituted by the borders to other countries - are starving to death!

A woman by the name of Mi Hyang has written a book about how she became one of Kim's 'sex slaves' and how the humiliating process was staged.
Two of the dictator's officials had entered her classroom and seized her without any further notice, taking her to Kim's palace and seeing to that she got the 'training' she needed to please the leader as well as possible!

The population is starving, dying at an early age and it's said that the population is even becoming smaller on an average, caused by the malnutrition.

Kim is a good friend of another maniac, Robert Mugabe.
This friendship stems from the time when (according to the information I've got) Kim helped Mugabe slaughter 20 000 rival Ndebele tribesmen once.
They resemble each other very much, don't they?
Killing and torturing people that stand in their way, using men and women as their personal slaves for whatever reason they want and so forth.

Kim has also plundered the state assets and the sum is estimated to £4 billion, money he has placed in banks in another corrupt country, Luxembourg.

Kim's father - Kim Il-sung - became the leader of North Korea in 1948, ordered state-wide murders on people objecting him and turned North Korea into a private playground and leading it into the Korean War. He was - as I earlier wrote - very much inspired by Mao Zedong and his methods.
Kim Il-sung is however said to be born in Siberia, where his father fled with a rebel group during the Japanese colonial rule.
I know that when foreign visitors have visited North Korea, either Kim Il-sung or Kim Jong-il built 'Potyomkin villages', that is to say fake buildings, seemingly magnificent, making the visitors think that the country flourished.

One have to ask oneself why the world community haven't engaged itself - in an earlier phase, - in trying to overthrow these two megalomaniacs, not least during the epoch when North Korea had no nuclear weapons.
First of all the above mentioned Koran War, displays the different countries support for one side or another and even if the situation has changed today, one can surely find traces of these different symphaties, contained in the behaviour of different nations all over the world.

As always when we talk about world politics the different nations and not least the super power(s), never act in a consistent way, it's always the law of pragmatism that rules.
That means that even if most democratic countries agree on that North Korea is a dictatorship, that the North Koreans citizens are living under the most horrible circumstances, including the above examples, one do not act as one did against Iraq or Afghanistan.
Someone would perhaps argue that we have to take it easy when acting against North Korea as it's a nation with nuclear weapons and this is true today but it hasn't always been that way.

President George W. Bush called North Korea, Iraq and Iran for "The Axis of Evil" and he took action against Iraq and to some degree Iran but North Korea was more or less left in peace.
Of course there were talks about sanctions and Bush didn't hide what sentiments he had for Kim but no radical actions were undertaken and one can of course ask oneself what kind of actions can be undertaken today?

I really hope that the dictator Kim - one way or another - will be overthrown or killed in a near future, this not least for the sake of his suffering people! How this is going to be accomplished is though difficult to say.

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