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Lundin Oil

Lundin Petroleum or Lundin Oil is a Swedish oil firm, founded by Adolf Lundin, for many years having worked in different parts of the world, not least African countries like Congo and Sudan.
Adolf Lundin
This is a company often having been accused of using every method they find necessary in order to find and extract oil, including cooperating with dictators and totalitarian regimes.
I guess that this fact doesn't differentiate this company from others but as our foreign minister, Carl Bildt, earlier was a member of the board in Lundin Oil, it does complicate things to a certain degree, at least for him and the government.

Carl Bildt
On the ethical level this is of course unacceptable, if we want to maintain some dignity in the world and not degrading ourselves as human beings, something we over and over again have a tendency to do.
Swedish prosecutors now initiate a preliminary investigation in order to straighten out if former Lundin Petroleum, is guilty of crime against international law in Sudan.

Magnus Elving
In a press release, district prosecutor, Magnus Elving (photo) at The International Prosecution Authority says that the reason for this decision is a rapport put together by a number of NGO:s in which they claim that crimes against international law has been committed and that there are reasons to believe that there are Swedish affiliations.
Unfortunately - as always in these cases - an investigation of this sort, will take years to conclude.

Between 1997 and 2003 10 000 people is said to have been killed and nearly 200 000 forced to flee the southern parts of Sudan.
Sudanese soldiers in cooperation with militia attacked and displaced civilians in order to facilitate for Lundin Petroleum in joint business with Petronas and OMV, to extract oil.
This according to the rapport that these 50 OMG:s in the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (Ecos) stand behind and being published in the beginning of June.

The foreign minister - Carl Bildt - do not want to comment on this but what can be said is that it's about time that this oil company is being investigated as the rumours about their way of making business, for years, has been alarming seen from a human rights perspective.
I hope that this will lead to that the responsible individuals within the company are put to trial as I'm convinced they to a lesser or higher degree are guilty of what has been put forward.

We know that multinational companies are willing to trample on corpse in order to achieve profit and I have earlier written about the multinational pharmaceutical companies and their abominable methods and as everyone understand: A multinational oil company is hardly behaving better, on the contrary.

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(Photo Magnus Elving copied from: http://www.nt.se/inc/imagehandler.ashx?id=143181&height=312&quality=75)

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