måndag, maj 10, 2010

Oil spill Greenpeace

This is an add from Greenpeace as everyone can see and the message is rather clear and straightforward.
As I totally agree with this I like to publish this exhortation.
Some would perhaps say that it's not to often these kind of accidents occur but as we see, it's enough with one to spoil the maritime life for a long time - in some cases for ever!
As this is not the only accident and as there have been a number of accidents with oil ships, during the previous decades or more, it's extremely important to reduce our use of oil and this of course possible - if the political and scientific will existed and if people in common were willing to see beyond there own narrow horizon.
Unfortunately this is not the case, at leaest not to the extent needed to avoid this kind of events.
We also have to remember that the oil cartels are extremely powerful and they exercise a strong influence on politicians, using every possible means to influence their decisions.
We know all this but what do we in effect do to contribute to another use of our natural resources?
Take a look at your own life and the way you live.
You will see that your consumtion of fuel/oil/gas could be reduced if you put the environmental- and health aspects in the foreground and your own comfortableness in the background!

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