söndag, maj 09, 2010

Celebrating the end of World War II in Russia

Russia is celebrating the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II and this time the Russian government has - for the first time ever - invited foreign leaders - and military - to the celebration.

As living in France I know that Nicolas Sarkozy has rejected this invitation, referring to the economic crisis.
Well the so called economic or financial crisis has struck many countries in the world whereby one can't say that Sarkozy to a larger extent than others is preoccupied with this question.
The russian leaders didn't appreciate his no but other leaders will be there.
I think it's good that these celebrations in Russia gets the attention in the West it actually deserves (if we can still talk about 'west' and 'east'), as Russia or the Sovjet Union played a more important rôle in ending the war, than the victorious states in Europe and the United States wanted to give them credit for.
A pity though that a country ending the reign of one dictator, hails its own dictator or dictators after the war, beginning with the worst of them; Josef Stalin.

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