fredag, april 23, 2010

Greek economy

The greek prime minister, George (Georgios) Papandreou, finally asked the European Union and the IMF to help Greece sort out their financial problems.
He asked for 400 billion SEK=41 billion €=55,5 billion US$!

Now the discussion has started whether or not the European states within the Union should help Greece and if, how to do it.JustifierGermany wants garanties for this loan but France seem to be more willing to help without any specific demands concerning this particular 'detail'.

It seems as if the Greek cause is ours! This not least when listening to many economists, who claim that the Greek problems could spread to Europe as a whole and even become a world wide problem.
Well, of course we shouldn't listen to economists and if we do, listen critically.
The question to ask, is if there are cultural causes to the Greek financial problems.
Do the men sit around, drinking and talking to much, work to little?
The women seem to work all the time but they are perhaps not involved in the sectors being the most 'productive' according to traditional economic thinking.
This is the image you sometimes get when looking at reportage, covering the life in Greece.
The same goes for Italy and Spain and and a couple of other countries in the southern parts of Europe.

Of course there are many countries in the world who have had financial problems but there are differences and maybe these differences could be found in the way of living?
As with the French agriculturists. They are the ones within the European Union being granted more of the agricultural subsidies than any other country per capita, yet they are having great problems becoming competitive and profitable.
Noone asks them what they are doing wrong!

Finally, if the European Union shall function as a 'union', we probably have to adopt the Musketeer-slogan: "One for all, all for one"!

This means that we have to 'rescue' Greece and thereby rescue ourselves?!

This last argument is the only one that could convince the other European states to intervene in favour of Greece.

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