måndag, april 26, 2010

George W Bush and his memoires

The Publishing House Random House is going to publish the memoires of George W Bush in november this year.
As with all memoires by politicians, one ask oneself what's new under the sun and could this shead some light on who actually ran the White House (Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld?) during Bush time in office?
Most of the times one are let down by the leading men and women when they decide to publish their memoires.
A lot of material is still confidential and the only thing one usually get to know, is what he or she thought about some famous politician or what was said during a dinner and the importance of this particular statement und so weiter.
Probably this book will be filled with material defending George W Bush' war in Iraq and against terrorism and those arguments we've heard before.

It's amazing to think that Winston Churchill was rewarded the Nobel Prize in literature for his memoires and the Swedish Academy who always claims that they are not the least 'political' in their decisions.
The peace prize to Barack Obama before he had even started to work for peace and disarmement.
There are many examples like this.

Will Bush be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature?

(Photo George W. Buch copied from: http://blogs.sundaymercury.net/thegrassyknoll/President-George-W-Bush.jpg)

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