onsdag, april 21, 2010

China after the earthquake

In China it's a National Mourning Day for those people killed in the earthquake in the Qingha-province, near Tibet and with a multitude of Tibetans living and working there.
Recent figures talk about 2064 people being killed but still one haven't found all and this will take some time, if even possible.

This is one of many natural disasters only this year and of course the question that arises is whether it's because of the Global Warming and in that case if man is the main responsible for these catastrophies.
Of course this could be a part of a geological phase, within a couple of months or year changing into more stable conditions.
As I've written elsewhere, whether or not the global warming we now see is caused by humans or not, is a question secondary to the fact that our way of life - not least in the economically developed parts of the world - influence our health and environment in a negative way.

This conclusion - a conclusion I think most reasonable persons would agree to - should be enough for us to change our behaviour and way of life.
Unfortunately man is not only the greatest predator in the history of earth but also the most selfish animal, only able to see to the present and the well being of ourselves here and now, not taking in to account the future risks.
Some would say that this is to generalising and of course it is but we are all egoistic creatures and unfortunately seldom able to look ahead at future risks, at least not for long.
In connection with environmental catastrophies or extraordinary events, we often make proud declarations, promising to take into consideration the climate factors and dealing with them as effectively as we can.
In our daily life we tend to go on living as before.
Even if we sometimes vigorously discuss these questions and also point out the different causes leading up to problems with health and environment, we tend to go back to our destructive living after a while.

In Sweden a survey recently displayed that 97% of the physical researchers were convinced that the global warming first and foremost was caused by human behaviour.
90% of them believed in the scientific results from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

2009 and 2010 has been filled with different natural disasters around the world and I can't say if there have been more than usual because this depends on the perspective wherefore we can't trust scientists or statistics neither. These figures are always biased depending on the persons presenting them and what personal interest he or she has in this question.

China is one of many countries experiencing the benefits of economic growth but will also be affected by the negative aspects of this very same economical development and those negative effects will also affect us in Europe and the rest of the world.

(Photo earth quake China copied from: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/05/photogalleries/china-earthquake-anniversary-ruins/images/primary/090512-01-china-earthquake-town_big.jpg)

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