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Grippe A H1 N1 - the flu!

In France we've had a recurrent discussion, namely concerning the influenza A virus subtype H1 N1 or Grippe A as the French say.

This is of course a subject discussed everywhere in the world and in the more wealthy nations in the West, people has for long questioned the necessity of the vaccin.
This not least as the quantities purchased by e.g. the French government, now seems to be exaggerated. One have ordered 50 million doses but the minister of health, Roselyne Bachelot, declares that the government has negotiated with the medical industry and that nothing is fully payed or delivered in entirety yet.
In France not even 5 million inhabitants of a population of 65 million are vaccinated towards the H1N1 compared to Sweden where 60% of the population is vaccinated.
The government of Sweden has also declared that their goal is to vaccinate 80% of the population.
This though the number of new cases of influenza in Sweden is decreasing, as in France and many other countries.

Does this mean that the Swedes are wiser or more easily controlled and governed?
The answer to this does of course depend on the severity of the influenza and if the information and results of the research on the influenza is true or not and how different people validate the information.
Looking at this from an overall perspective it seems today as the severity of this pandemi was heavily exaggerated by scientists, medical personnel and politicians.
This doesn't necessarily mean that people deliberately were given false information, it might just be that one miscalculated the impact of this flu.
Of course some countries in the world has been heavily struck but in these cases it's often a combination of other negative factors, already at hand in those specific countries.
This could be factors like malnourishment or even starvation, other serious diseases ravaging the country or a malfunctioning health care system.

In countries like Sweden or France or any other Western economically well developed country (in spite of the so called crisis we are much better of in Europe or the USA than in many other parts of the world), there have been cases where doctors claim that young or/and healthy persons have died from the influenza. This might be true but first of all we don't know all the circumstances around these cases and to know this it would be necessary to make a genetic test as there could be genetical factors of which we don't know, causing these deaths.

The overall majority of deaths caused by the influenza, has struck people with some kind of risk factor, at least according to most reports I've overheard, presented in tv, radio, newspapers and different internet sites dedicated to research around the influenza.
We have to remember that behind all this we have extremely powerful pharamaceutical companies, with influential lobbying groups trying to convince politicians about the necessity of a vaccin!
The pharmaceutical industry is a very 'dirty' industry as history has shown us and I would like to recommend a book (unfortunately still only published in Swedish I think) called 'Sick Money' ('Sjuka pengar') written by Peter Rost (Peter Rost's blog)

Peter Rost held a couple of very important positions within the pharmaceutical industry.
He was Chief Executive for the Nordic countries when working at Wyeth and he later became Executive Vise President at Pfizer (of which Wyeth today is a part).
Rost describes the pharmaceutical companies as being extremely unscrupulous to say the least, not backing from any methods to gain advantages and profit on the pharmaceutical market.
He describes them as using the same methods as the mob (mafia).

Globally the pharmaceutical industry earns 500 billion US$ per year!
Of course they could kill when this kind of money is lurking around the corner!
Having said this I also want to say that we always have to remember that these companies, doctors, politicians or decision-makers, do not generally and altogether strive to reach the best result for their fellow citizens.
They all have their own agenda, as do we all.
This is of course not a new insight but I think it's important to repeat this and always keep this in mind.

Therefore we can't be sure that governments act in the interest of the people - and this is of course always true no matter what issue - whereby these parameters have to be taken into consideration, when deciding whether or not one should inoculate against the flu.
Other debaters even go so far as to say that all this is a bluff!

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Peter Rost sa...

Thank you for recommending Sjuka Pengar. Just fyi, you can get the book in English on Amazon, it is called The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman. And in Japan it is called 製薬業界の闇.