tisdag, april 28, 2009

Why milk, how much and enriched or not?

In this French book called Milk, lies and propaganda the author, Thierry Souccar, want's to show that milk not always is the best drink in the world,if consumed to much.
This not least in Sweden where milk with a fat content lower than 1,5% is supplemented with vitamine D.
The content of vitamine A is also higher in milk of this kind. Milk with higher fat content is not - as far as I know - supplemented or enriched with vitamines.
Some researchers in Sweden claim that this is important as vitamine D and A is very important for our health.
This last claim - that vitamine A and D is important for our health - is of course a truism.
The question is rather at what level of consumtion does these vitamines become contra productive.
As we know with vitamine C, this is also a very important vitamine but if consumed to much it only passes through our body without doing any good. The surplus we dispose through the urine.
In Sweden and other countries where the sun is less 'visible', it's rather common that people not only eat fruits with vitamine C but also take different kinds of supplementary tablets containing this vitamine and this is seldom necessary.

You can read more about milk and vitamine D and its effects on the body through these links (in French and English):





This is an article in Swedish more positive towards milk and other products enriched with vitamines:


Read it and try to drink more wine (no I'm not payed by the wine producers in France)!

(Photo Thierry Souccar copied from: http://www.veganimal.info/IMG/jpg/thierrysouccarfoto.jpg)
(Photo a glass of milk copied from: http://alt.coxnewsweb.com/shared-blogs/austin/food2/upload/2008/07/pondering_the_shelf_life_of_or/milk.jpg)
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