onsdag, februari 13, 2008

Sweden and Europe

The Declaration of Foreign Policy by the Swedish government through Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, were centered around the importance of the European Union and it's peace keeping ability.

Carl Bildt declared that the most important instrument for the Swedish foreign policy and for the work for peace, freedom and reconciliation is the EU.
The extension of the EU is very important according to Carl Bildt and the government.
They stress the importance of getting Turkey and the Balkan countries to join the EU as quickly as possible. In this case they have quite a different opinion compared to France for example.

Carl Bildt also expressed his concern about Russia and the tendencies towards a more totalitarian rule.
In connection to this he mentioned that he thought that Sweden should join the European Union Battlegroups but the opposition didn't agree. They thought it better to try to solve the economical problems within the military defence in Sweden trying to keep it together, hence being able to cope with the tasks we already are involved in.

Very little was actually said about the situation on a global scale, at least not any substantially important suggestions. These questions were discussed by other members of the government, not the foreing minister himself.

The recurrent question:
Is the EU actually such a strong unit as to be able to play an important role in foreign policies and are the countries within the EU able to agree on a mutual plan for the international commitment, economically and military?
I don't think so yet.
My experience is that the only country able to act in different crisis around the world is the USA. This though the decisions and intentions of the USA often are dubious (as with other countries). They left Somalia in the 1990's claiming that they were not prepared for the guerilla warfare they faced. This is of course nonsense. They would have stayed on if they had seen that they could have gained something out of it, like oil for example.

However when it comes to the EU and the UN they always hesitate, engaging in endless theoretical discussions while people are being slaughtered and this is of course not good.
We all remember the situation in Rwanda/Burundi in the 1990's and now concerning Sudan/Darfur.
The EU and the UN have to be more effective and one can't blame others.
People are being slaughtered, innocent children are being raped, tortured and murdered!
During this circumstances it's not the right time to sit down and discuss wether a conflict can be regarded as genocide or not.

Act and act now! Don't wait until we've got indisputable proofs!
Below a video about integration in Sweden and particularly Malmö in the south of Sweden with more than 50 000 muslims.

(Photo Carl Bildt copied from: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3431/3265479903_2df9706ff5.jpg)

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