lördag, februari 16, 2008

Stately runned schools for Muslim imams in Sweden?

Now the government propose that the education of muslim religious leaders should be stately runned and supervised. This in order to put a stop to radical Islam.
I dont't think this is a good idea.

Well, maybe the idea of trying to neutralize the growth of radicalism is a good idea in itself. However then we also must try to neutralize growing radicalism within Christian, Jewish and other communities. This is also a growing problem if we look at it from a societal point of view.

I think however that the radicalism in Sweden among muslim believers is a very rare phenomenon. Of course someone could argue that this is not common today but will be in the future.
I have seen a Swedish documentary about radical muslim groups and people in Sweden so of course it exists, as any other form of radicalism, extremism or fundamentalism, religious or not.
I think though that most muslims in Sweden as well as in other countries want to live their life in peace and practice their believes.

If the government decide to give money to schools educating imams and other religious muslim leaders they should leave the schools to decide how the education should be organized.
From a equality perspective of course the educational system in our country should finance this educations as well as if finances the education for Christian Lutheran clergymen in Sweden. Previously this was defended by the fact that the church in Sweden was stately controlled but since many years now it is not.

Radicalism within any belief system is best fought with knowledge and intellectual clarity combined with openess towards other believers and ideological ideas.

When I worked in a church here in Stockholm many years ago the best thing to be among some believers was a 'burning Christian' not a 'lukewarm' one. Being a 'burning Christian' implied not accepting other peoples believes and thoughts but only strive for the spread of the 'only truth', namely Christiansism! I preferred being 'lukewarm'!

(Photo imam Abd al Haqq Kielan copied from: http://photoimagine.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/imam.jpg)

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