onsdag, februari 20, 2008


For the government in Pakistan the election was a great disappointment.

Will Pervez Musharraf accept the result of the election and step down?
If so will the opposition parties be able to create peace and order in the country.
The new general for the army has said that the military no longer should interfer in politics but work with the issues for which they are trained, namely protect the country from potential threats from other countries.

What will happen with the tight bonds between Pakistan and the USA?
A new leadership here and soon a new leadership in the USA. Will this mean anything for the relationship between these two countries?

A lot of questions without any answers - yet.

(Picture map Pakistan copied from: http://www.islamic-relief.ch/irv19/IMG/jpg/pakistan_map.jpg)
(Photo Pervez Musharraf copied from: http://www.ikhwanweb.com/uploads/2007/12/30/Musharraf.jpg)

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