onsdag, februari 13, 2008

Muhammed in Berlingske again

The Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende has published the drawing of Muhammed with a bomb in his turban. On the turban is also written a holy text.

This is said to be a response to the murder threats towards the artist who made these drawings.
Berlingske says they want to protest against the threats towards people when they execute their right to speak and write freely, as is the custom in a democratic society.

If this is a good way to react we will see in the coming days.
I doubt it in the short run but on a long term basis, it might have an impact. It depends of course on what the newspaper wants to achieve with its publication.

Other newspapers in Denmark and Sweden are also going to publish the drawing.

(Picture Muhammed copied from: http://extremecentre.org/wp-content/JP011005MuhammedWesterga.jpg)

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