onsdag, november 14, 2007

Strike among stage hands/-workers


We heard some days ago that there was a strike among stage workers at Broadway. This means that the tourists and other interested visitors to the theatres have to find something else to do. Both 'Mamma Mia', 'The Phantome of the Opera' and other musicals are cancelled.
This is the end of the three months of negotiations preceding this strike. Not so succesful negotiations as it seems. There are however 'strike free zones' (see the link).

Bether wages and other benefits are the demands. I can imagine, especially tourists not living in New York, are being very dissapointed. I heard a woman from another state in the US complaining on radio and she said that this might be the last time she visits New York and she had hoped to see one of the shows (don't remember which one).

It's of course easier for those living in the Apple. On the other hand, why shouldn't the stage workers go on strike. I imagine their wages are low and other benefits also. This compared not least to the most famous artists performing on Broadway.

In Stockholm we awaited a concert with Barbara Streisand but she cancelled. I have a friend who wanted to see her performance but after she cancelled she bought a ticket to Meatloaf instead (no comparisons) but he cancelled!
Bad luck or nonchalant behaviour from the artists?

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