tisdag, oktober 23, 2007

Unibet and France


The Managing Director for the online gaming operator Unibet, Petter Nylander, was arrested in the Netherlands yesterday (Monday). The French state gambling monopolies - Française des Jeux and PMU - claim that Unibet have violated the French legislation by offering online gambling.

The French government regard the arrest of the Swedish MD as being somewhat embarrasing. They mean that this way of looking at this issue is obsolete. This is also the way the French president Nicolas Sarkozy see things concerning this question at issue.

According to some sources Nylander is released from prison.

This is in a way the same debate as in Sweden concerning our monopolies. The government states that it's much better if gambling, alcohol, pharmacies etc is controlled by the state. This in order to avoid problems with people getting in to troubles caused by gambling and alcohol.

This is of course not true. The truth is that the state earns enormous amount of money thanks to the monopoly and this is the only reason for maintaining the monopoly situation.

The Government often say that they use money from these activities to help people with drug-and gambling problems and this is partly true.
The figures however show that from the billions of Skr that gambling generates to the state, there is only a negligible amount that is used to help people with these kinds of problems.

The astonishing thing is that the Government still tries to convince the citizens that monopoly is good for them because they are being taken care of when problems arise.
Even more astonishing is that some citizens think that this is true!

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