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In Ukraine only some 20 or more per cent of the votes have been counted but already now it's obvious that the more democratic parties have won.
Julia Tymoshenko already says she wants to form an 'orange' coalition with the party 'Our Ukraine' lead by the president, Viktor Yushchenko .
The other side with prime minister Viktor Yanukovych claim that there has been an electoral rigging. They don't seem inclined to leave the power voluntary.

Last time Tymoshenko and Yushchenko had the chance to start a new path towards a more democratic rule they lost this chance due to internal quarrel. Tymoshenko was dismissed by Yushchenko. Will they succeed this time?
Will the ruling party with Yanukovych leave the power or will he cling to it in spite of the result in the elections?
Of course there is no guarantee that a leadership under Tymoshenko and Yushchenko would lead to a more democratic rule but maybe the chances are better than under the leadership of Mr. Yanukovych ?
Ukraine is a vast country with a huge nuclear arsenal and it is a country more important for the development in Europe and the world than many people realize I think.

They also export metal and chemicals to China and are also building up a new industrial field by producing all kinds of vehicles like automobiles, buses, trucks, ships, airplanes, subway and rail cars. Even space crafts are being built. Antonov airplanes is a big export article.

According to reports in Swedish media, the people of Ukraine and not least the young are extremely tired of politics. After the election in 2004 when Yanukovych was elected people felt very disappointed as they had hoped for something else when the 'Orange revolution' broke out. Not least as most observers regarded the election as being rigged.
Now, as we can see, the same accusations are being put forward by the ruling party and its leader Viktor Yanukovych.

To be continued.....

(Photo protests in the square of Kiev copied from: http://upload.wikimedia.org/)

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