tisdag, oktober 23, 2007

PKK and Turkey


PKK has taken up the fight again. They are now threatening Turkey and this has created great problems in the region.

People living far from the area in which these actions are taking place, urge the Turkish government to act immediately and strike hard against the PKK. People close to the battlefield instead want the Government to negotiate with the PKK.

However the Turkish Government doesn't want to negotiate, saying that they do not want to negotiate with terrorists.

Today the foreign ministers of Iraq and Turkey met in Bagdad and agreed to support each other in the fight against PKK. They have though declared that they want to solve the problems through dialogue.

We have to wait and see if they succeed in doing so and if this really is the aim of the two Governments in Irak and Turkey.

Historically these two countries have fought the Kurdish people fiercely and I think that one have to bear this in mind when one look at this conflict.

Of course the people in Turkey should not have to accept that they are being attacked but if one look at the problem 'from above' so to speak, violent behaviour have been the foremost way of ruling these two countries since decades. Not least have they treated the Kurdish people in a most respectless way to say the least. Murder and attempts to annihilate the Kurdish people have been a recurrent element in the policy against them.

If the PKK today have support from a majority of the kurdish people living in different countries in the region is hard to say. Maybe the support is strongest among them who share the communist ideals of the PKK.

The United States
is also worried that this relatively calm region in northern Iraq could be facing a war like situation. They have requested the Turkish government to solve this with negotiations, not force.

Somewhat ironic though as the Turkish leaders also stated. Turkey is now facing a threat from what they regard being a terrorist organization and when they want to strike back, the United States of all countries ask them to negotiate.

I haven't seen much negotiating from the American government after 9/11 but maybe I'm wrong?!

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