tisdag, oktober 23, 2007

Göran Persson - Memoirs


Former prime minister Göran Persson will have his memoirs released today: 'My way, my choices' (my translation from 'Min väg, mina val').
In the book he says that he was prepared to initiate a coalition government if the Social Democratic Party had won the election. Not however with the right wing party, Moderaterna, with the current prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt as a party leader.
He says that he is not sure that the party members as a whole would have liked the idea but he thought it necessary.

He also regrets that he didn't take up to discussion the property taxation but his Minister of Finances Per Nuder was against this and therefore it became a question for the opposition parties. This is of course also a way of blaming some of the loss in the election on Per Nuder.
It's obvious that he is disappointed of the fact that he, as the only member of the Government and the party resigned as a result of the defeat in the election.
He states that other high ranked party members also should have taken on more responsibility for the loss, not him solely. I think he among others refer to the party secretary Marita Ulvskog. Maybe he also refers - as I pointed out above - to Per Nuder as he is said to have been Perssons 'crown prince' as a successor on the post as party leader. Other persons in his own generation might be local politicians in Malmö (Malmoe) and Göteborg (Gothenburg); Ilmar Reepalu and Göran Johansson. They are well known and strong in their constituencies and they stayed on.

Now Göran Persson is working as a consultant and some people within the party have accused him for betraying his ideals and loyalty with the party.

What ideals? I think that the ideals held high when a person is in the center of politics hardly have to stand on a solid ground. This goes also for religious leaders or any other sector of society. A leader is a careerist regardless field of work or engagement.
Why do you always have to be loyal with political ideas throughout your life? Everything changes and hopefully also we. Maybe you find that former ideals doesn't appeal to you anymore? During the time in office, Persson and other leaders chooses to stay on as heads of a party even though they feel that they can't share all the ideals connected to the political-ideological concept. It's however to exciting to be in the center of decision making to make a political leader leave a post like this, even though he/she doesn't agree with the ideas anymore.

History has it that the former leader of the Social Democratic Party - Olof Palme - first of all tried to create a political platform within the right wing party in Sweden. When he was rejected he turned to the Social Democratic Party and there he succeeded.

Anyhow as most politicians Göran Persson knows who to make money out of his political life: The tv-documentary, his work as a consultant and now this book. Every politician seem to think that they have something interesting to tell the world and yet we know that the most interesting parts of a biography of this kind is left out. Maybe in fifty years we will be able to get more information on the political development during this time. This when events that today are classified as top secret can be revealed.

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