måndag, oktober 01, 2007

The 'brain-dead' military in Burma

Again we can see the problem with military forces as in every country where a totalitarian regime demands something to be done and the military respond by obeying orders.
In this as in many other cases they constitute the largest threat against the protest movement and those who want democracy.

Why are the military always incapable of taking an independent view in issues concerning violence against civilians? Maybe that is what they have done?
They are trained to kill as all other military personnel and it seems as if any other way of solving problems is impossible.
How can they be so cowardly as to shoot unarmed monks and other people who in a peaceful way demonstrate their miscontent with the regime?
Easily explained: They are soldiers.

Why don't they refuse to obey the orders from the dictatorship in Burma when they see that people suffer and innocent die?
Easily explained: They are soldiers.

Why is there no uprising among the military against the fact that they are ordered to shoot the revered monks?
Easily explained: They are soldiers.

Soldiers are supposed to obey orders and not question superiors.
This is of course only qualified nonsense. Each and every human being has the right and the duty to question other people's decisions.
This goes for soldiers too.

I hope that there will be a riot among the soldiers of Burma, mainly among those who maybe share the belief in Buddhism even if it's hard to think that any of these soldiers are believers.
Unfortunately I think it will be the contrary: They will seize power and continue the cruel way of governing.

What will the rest of the world do? What can I or you do?
Are the revolting monks and their allies beaten now?
What will China, India and other countries in the region do?

(Photo of Burmese military copied from: http://www.aseanaffairs.com/files/1772737/uploaded/Myanmar%20military%20top%20brass%20-%20Hints%20of%20power%20struggle.jpg)
(Photo monks and military copied from: http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/44141000/jpg/_44141329_monks_416_ap.jpg)

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