onsdag, augusti 22, 2007

More HIV in Sweden

The number of HIV-infected is rising in Sweden and this is making the authorities - Swedish Institute for Infectous Disease Control - worried.

The statistics is not only related to the fact that more and more people are being infected but also to the fact that the average age for people who are being infected is rising. They survive for a longer period of time thanks to more effective medication.

Those being infected are to a great extent people seeking asylum in our country - not least African immigrants - and they are often being infected at arrival but still the main groups are homosexual men, drug addicts using infected neadles and heterosexual men from other countries.

Other STD is also increasing and it seems as if young people who never experienced the 80's when HIV/Aids became known to the general public, are less inclined to protect themselves.

We can see new reports frequently being published telling us that chlamydia, gonorrhoea and similar diseases are becoming more and more common among youngsters.
In interviews with young people in Sweden they often seem to think that these diseases - including HIV/Aids - to such a great extent is curable, that they disregard the use of condom and other forms of protection.

(Picture HIV cell copied from: http://www.wellesley.edu/Chemistry/Chem101/hiv/tcells-hiv.jpg)

(Picture different symptoms copied from: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_OTdtjy2GFSI/TPX_kczLRrI/AAAAAAAAABg/G4L8PGXtiC4/s1600/300px-Symptoms_of_acute_HIV_infection.png)

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